Would you recommend us?

This recommend -question has been offered as the One Question of customer satisfaction measurements, after Tolkien:

One Question to rule them all,
One Question to find them,
One Question to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

Now that people have started using it, I have realized that it has some problems if people think it literally which I do. Would you actually recommend BBC news to your English friends? I mean BBC is quite ok but I’m sure everybody has tried it. I would feel silly if I recommended something and the person answered: Oh that old thing, I stopped using it ….

I just answered a survey by YLE which is the BBC of Finland after I visited their news site. I found the recommend-question a bit hard to answer. YLE is good but I would feel quite silly in recommending it to anybody here. Finally I selected 5/10 which they will misunderstand.

Another place where it does not work is in asking about some internal service like the company Service Desk.

I think the recommend question works only if the situation is such that a person might actually do it. This means that the the product or service must be unknown to most people. I have no idea how many people think of it so literally as I do but I am sure that many do as I have heard that people do not like the question in some situations.

So, I think I would not recommend that question 😉


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