It would be interesting to know how process maturity affects process outcomes and how process maturity increases. The problem is that it is hard to measure process maturity.

Some people try to solve this difficulty by just asking what is your process maturity. I have seen several surveys which list all ITIL processes and ask at which maturity level you are. This is incredibly silly. One assumes that

  • respondents are familiar with all ITIL processes
  • there is some general maturity scale that people can apply to any process
  • people can actually estimate their own maturity

None of that is true. This is true:

  • People do not know all ITIL processes.
  • If you asked three consultants to rate any given process, you would get three different  results
  • People are not good at estimating their own maturity

In my opininon the maturity question can tell us two things:

  • the person doing the survey is not competent
  • if the question is used in the results, the report is worthless

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